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Thursday 5th June 2014



Forecast is changing hourly towards Saturday and is now predicted less rain than before, however:

We note the possibility of extreme weather on Saturday and whilst we hope it will not spoil our day a few people have raised a query. So, for clarity:

Carnival Field and Arena

• We will open the field and set up at the normal time on Saturday
• We will carefully monitor the weather conditions.
• Arena events will only proceed if safe to do so.
• Should individual stalls consider the conditions unsuitable to continue, we ask the stallholders to inform us and we will ensure their vehicular movements whilst leaving are safe
• Should the weather conditions become untenable, or if safety is threatened, or if we consider it imprudent to continue, we will consider closing the event early.
• Should this be the case all stallholders will be informed and Committee member will be available to assist in providing safe vehicular clearance of the field

We would ask Stall Holders to take the following precautions:

• Provide as much cover as possible
• Consider additional pegging of gazebos and guy ropes
• Keep vulnerable items in cars during bad weather if they are likely to be damaged by rain
• Bring groundsheets/polythene to cover stall fronts if needed

Float Parade:

• We will meet floats at the normal time.
• We will carefully monitor weather conditions
• If at any time, and taking advice from the police, we consider a risk to the safety of participants or the general public we will delay the departure of the parade by up to 15 minutes.
• If the risks still exist we will cancel the parade. At a safe time we will ask marshals to escort any children to a rendezvous point where they can be collected by their parents.


29 January, 2014 — AGM 2014, date and venue

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemoles! The AGM date is Thursday 20th Feb 2014 at 7.45pm for 8pm start. Venue is the Scout Hut by St Peters Church, Walton Road.


17 February, 2013 — Announcement

The members of the Carnival Committee are sad to announce that founding member Peggy Cutler passed away on Tuesday 12th February. Amongst the good causes she tirelessly supported, her determination and unique style ensured the Carnival’s early success and its continued legacy to Molesey.


Her funeral service is planned for Wednesday 27 February 2013 at 1420, Kingston Crematorium, Bonner Hill Road, KT1 3EZ and afterwards for a short wake at 3rd Molesey Scout Hut, St Peters Road, West Molesey.


The Committee

5 January, 2013 — AGM 2013, date and venue

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemoles! What better way to come out of hibernation than with the announcement of the AGM date on Thursday 21st Feb 2013at 7.45pm for 8pm start.

Venue is the Scout Hut by St Peters Church, Walton Road.

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